The note list displays all your notes. If you configure a Notes per page limit, the buttons 'Next', 'Previous', 'First', and 'Last' will be displayed as appropriate to help you when browsing the listing.

  • To display or edit a note, click on the name.
  • To delete a note, open the note and then click 'Delete'.
  • To create a new note, click 'New Note'.
  • To find notes, click 'Find'.
  • To change the way your note list is displayed, click on the 'Organize' button.

Notes » Note Editor

This screen is used for editing any of your existing notes and for creating new notes.

  • To save any changes to an entry, click 'Save'.
  • To delete an entry, click 'Delete'.
  • To assign a color to a note, select the desired color from the popdown menu.
  • To assign a note to a category, click the 'Categories' tab.
  • To add or edit categories, click the 'Categories' tab and then click 'Edit Categories'.
  • If you would like this note to be available to guests, select 'Public'.

Notes » Find

This screen allows you to search your notes based on different criteria. You may use a simple search looking for notes that contain a particular word or a more advanced search with multiple criteria.

  • To search your notes, enter words to search for and click 'Find'.

Notes » Organize

This screen allows you to change how your notes are displayed. Notes can be organized by category, icons, or list view.

  • To change the way your notes are displayed, select your preferred method and click 'Organize'.